First week of holidays

Hi all,

First week of the holidays has just finished. We have had Sidney Mines holiday camp and our little mini tournament. How amazing was the tournament?

There are many people that I must thank for the success of our tournament:

Firstly, I would like to thank our committee members Mike, Janette and Eric, Ju Li, Kelly and Kristina for all their efforts, Secondly, thank you to all the co-ordinators - David and Lisa who developed the entire draw for the weekend, Nazeera for looking after the under 13s, Kelly the U15, Eric & Janette the U7/9 and all the coaches who are an integral part of the club. Thirdly, I would like to thank the boys and girls who came to the tournament with their smiling faces, their commitment to the game and their continued enjoyment of eating the free food and drink packages. Fourthly, thank you to all the parents that brought the children to the event and for their continued support.

During Friday and Saturday, we had 40 hours of competitions & 80 teams competing. We had over 400 food vouchers given out and we paid over $1300 to the referees and this does not include the cost for the food and hire of the venue so thank you sponsors for supporting us. To give you an understanding of the enormity of something like this, SouthWest Metro have 3 full time staff who organise the weekly draw which is what we managed to do with our committee members who are all volunteers.

We try to do as much as we can for our members and we do get a lot of comparisons to other clubs but I say to myself that you don’t have to be better than others, you just have to be the best that you can be. We take this literally and look for every opportunity to become the best club that we can be and because of this we hope that this transfers onto our members where they can be the best players and people that they can be.

Over the weekend, on a not so bright note, we found Player singlets on chairs nowhere near the playing court and one was found outside in the car park. Not sure if everyone realises that each of these singlets cost around $40 if it’s reversible it cost $50 each. If we lose two or three in the set, the set becomes useless as we cannot buy single Singlets, so we lose many hundreds of dollars. If you can just be mindful to return singlets after games that will help us a lot.

This week of holidays there is a holiday camp at Hibiscus on Friday or Saturday for those interested. See link below.

Holiday camp on Friday and Saturday 1st & 2nd October with South West.


Facebook Event:

What to Bring: Reversible Singlet, Water Bottle, Basketball (WITH YOUR NAME ON IT)

Rockets training starts on Tuesday 5th October as Monday 4th October is a public holiday. I will send out an email prior to that just to remind everyone.

Talk soon

Mark Smith


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