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Runcorn Rockets Basketball Club

We are a "not for profit" club that is part of the South West Metro Basketball association who has teams known as the “Pirates”.

The emphasis is on having fun and learning to play & enjoy the game of basketball. Our teams have representative players, skilled players and beginners. We welcome all players.We support those who are beginners that just want to play a team sport and enjoy themselves to supporting those that are serious and want to develop into a path to representative level Basketball.

Registrations are closed for season 1 2021 - please email runcornrockets@gmail.com to go on waiting list. All registrations received from 8pm 8-2-21 will be cancelled.

COME FOR A FREE TRIAL TRAINING SESSION - please book your trial session by emailing runcornrockets@gmail.com

New players are most welcome, for an enjoyable experience we place players in teams that best suits their ability and level of experience.

New training schedule for 2021!!

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