Weekly newsletter 10th May

Hi everyone,

I hope all you mums had a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday.

This Saturday night 15th May is our Rockets night at the men's Pirates game so please ensure that you book as you cannot purchase tickets on the evening.

We are after 12 boys/ girls to play in the U8 teams that are playing at half time of the ladies games and 12 boys/girls to play at half time at the NBL1 men’s game.

Please send us an email if you are interested.

Below is the link to get your tickets and remember any child wearing Rockets gear does not pay anything to go to the game & Rockets will be giving them a free cup of hot chips. Ask at training if the boys or girls want to sit together at the game and make a night of it.

Link to Pirates game

The evenings are getting cooler so don’t forget we do have Hoodies/jackets and tracksuits available. Hoodies/Jackets are only $25 & for the full tracksuit it is only $50. They do look & feel great when wearing them. We do need something to keep us warm so it might as well be something from the club.

We have organised with Southwest that our members that are “train only” in U8 & U10 can play a trial game on Saturday morning at 9.40 am at Runcorn for no cost starting this week. The games will be across the court like a normal U8 game, Southwest will pay for the courts and Rockets will pay for the referees.

I was speaking to the coaching director of SouthWest the other week and he was talking about the unrealistic expectations from some parents of the children that play representative Basketball & then I observed how other clubs and teams treat their coaches and players. Thank you to our parents for giving the coaches and players support and respect.

We all know Children/players are not perfect and they will make mistakes & that is ok, we all learn from our mistakes. We need them to make mistakes and challenge themselves, so next time we see our children/players make a mistake guide them and keep a positive spin on everything so they keep trying and challenging themselves to be better in everything they do., not just Basketball.

We have had players recently coming to Basketball training without a Basketball – a ball from us is only $15, the price of a couple of coffees. Coaches don’t carry balls for players so turning up without a ball, reduces the amount of training players can do.

Have a great week and see you at the courts or if you see me on Saturday night at Hibiscus please say hello.

From the courts

Mark Smith


Runcorn Rockets Basketball Club

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